A Brief Druidic History


The Ancient Order of Druids as a modern social and benevolent society was inaugurated on the 29th November 1781. At the time the country was seething with both political and religious unrest in which debates and discussions more often than not led to blows and even bloodshed. A group of gentlemen, who preferred to be able to gossip and discuss the news without wishing to become involved in the fights and duels, hired a room at the King's Arms in Poland Street, not far from Oxford Street in London They called themselves "The Ancient Order of Druids" because it had a patriotic flavour, and was essentially British....and the name was synonymous with mystery, mythology, secrecy and legend, and gave scope in composing ritual and ceremony.

Any subject can be discussed at a meeting of Druids with the exception of politics or religion, as these are deemed to be the two most inflammatory subjects, and liable to cause the most dissent among even the best of friends.

Apart from being able to have a civilised discussion, the other, and possibly the main aspect of the Ancient Order of Druids is to raise money for charity, both local and national causes, money being raised both during our meetings, and at our frequent Social Nights held at the Club, which is open to both Druids and Club members and their partners.

Membership of the Ancient Order of Druids is restricted to Gentlemen only; however, in Thanet, there is now also a Ladies Lodge, The Lady Oak Leaves, to enable partners, friends and families of the Gentlemen Members to enjoy the benefits of our Society.

If you would like more information about the Ancient Order of Druids in Thanet, please call into our Social Club in Percy Road, Cliftonville, or use the form on the "Contact Form" page.

The TSD Social Club is open both to Druids and non-Druids, so come along to see us.